Margin Trading Competition

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The prize pool will be distributed to the top performers in the following three categories. The minimum deposit is $20.

Our Lending Partner

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$2,500 Airdrop in LEND*

*Available to eligible participants

ยง Competition Rules

  1. The competition is limited to 1delta Margin on Mantle (Lendle).
  2. The competition will take place from Feb 3 (1 PM UTC)  to Feb 17th (1 PM UTC), with payouts from Feb 18th to Feb 25th.
  3. Participants must register for the competition and complete any necessary verification processes.
  4. Trade volume is calculated in USD. 
    1. Same-pair positions do not account for trade volumes.
  5. The percentages for PnL and Volume are calculated based on the reference deposit amount.
  6. Participants need to make at least one trade during the competition.
  7. Minimum deposit is $20.
  8. The reference deposit amount is calculated based on all deposits excluding those tied to margin transactions. For example:
    1. If a user deposits $100 and opens a margin position for $300 (thus having $400 in collateral and $300 in debt), the reference deposit will be $100.
    2. In a scenario where a user deposits $100, withdraws $100, and then redeposits $100, the reference deposit will be $200, as withdrawals are not factored into the adjustment.
  9. Initial snapshot: If a user already holds a deposit at the initial timestamp, the reference deposit amount will be determined based on the net asset value (collateral minus debt) of the user’s position at that specific time. The calculation of the reference deposit amount will commence from this value.
  10. The rewards will be distributed as per the specified dates and can be claimed through the participant’s account.
  11. The LEND airdrops will be claimable by all participants which enter the competition with the minimum deposit of $20 or more and are subject to Lendle’s airdrop terms.
  12. The competition and its rules are subject to the Terms of Use of 1delta.
  13. 1delta reserves the right to disqualify any trades deemed to be in violation of trading norms.
  14. 1delta may amend or change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

Risk Warning

Trading digital assets involves significant risk. The value of your investment can fluctuate, and you may not get back the amount invested. It’s crucial to understand the risks involved and consult a financial adviser if necessary. Margin trading poses the risk of a total loss of funds. Additional risks of the underlying protocols and cyber risks can lead to a complete loss. Past performance is not indicative of future results.

Decentralized margin trading.