About 1delta

Building the next generation of DeFi.

1delta brings many years of experience Web3 and the commitment to building the future of decentralized finance.


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Our Mission

Our mission is to accelerate the transition to DeFi.

Access to Liquidity

We make the world’s liquidity accessible and useful.

Best Execution

We offer the best rates from the market.


We are committed to an open and decentralized financial system that builds an equitable and robust foundation for human civilization.

Open Access

We believe that open systems where everyone can contribute, collaborate, and innovate without restrictions bring the most value to humanity.


We believe that only through continuous innovation we can deliver our other values to the market.

Our Values

What we stand for


Innovation helps us to increase customer value and stay  competitive.


We are committed to a security-focused culture. 


We want to deliver long-term value that is aligned with humanity.

Aggregating the best of DeFi into a single protocol for traders.

The 1delta protocol aggregates various protocols to build best interface for traders to accessing DeFi.

1delta - next generation of DeFi


With a strong background in Web3, DeFi, and finance.

Kevin Schellinger
Kevin Schellinger Co-Founder and CEO
Achim Huebl
Achim Huebl Co-Founder and CTO

Interested to join our team?

We are currently looking for highly motivated and talented individuals who looking to join this early-stage startup and turn 1delta into a household name in DeFi.

Decentralized margin trading.